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What are the secrets to success with Analytics?


The truth is that there are many factors and forces at work that help build a successful Analytics project and/or programme. The ultimate goal is Actionable Insights – the translation of information into recommendations that can be readily put into practice within your organisation. This can take many forms, from understanding who specifically to target in customer retention campaigns, to targeting marketing campaigns for key customer segments, or raising maintenance work orders for components in impending need of repair. Beneath all the examples, however, is a necessity for the Three Pillars to Actionable Insights. Without each of these, any analytical initiative is likely to fail.

Based on 20+ years of practical experience, Presidion use the following Three Pillars to help the clients we partner with build successful and sustainable programmes of analytical initiatives.


Presidion - 3 Pillars to Actionable Insights


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Presidion have operated for over 20 years. We have been the pioneers in implementing cutting-edge Advanced Analytics solutions with top UK and Irish organisations. We specialise in helping organisations leverage their data to deliver tangible practical returns on investment, aligned with their strategies.

Presidion works with both government and commercial clients. We are currently partnering with hundreds of organisations in UKI and Europe, enabling them to understand what has happened in the past and anticipate what may happen next to take appropriate and timely strategic decisions for their organisation.



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