Cognitive & AI Insights – Michael Ennis – Deloitte

Companies are rapidly adopting both cognitive and AI systems, but how do they impact business in the short term? Discussions about artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive technologies tend to revolve around grand concepts, be it attempting to discover significantly more galaxies than ever before or making a healthcare system much more efficient. But within businesses, …Read More

Is Your Organisation Analytically Mature?

  From our End to End Framework Thought Leadership Series. By Presidion.     7 Factors Relating to Analytical Maturity Is it too easy to think of analytical maturity as a step ladder? How can you reliably position yourself on that ladder? Are you too critical or too kind? Have you taken all the key aspects (perhaps …Read More

Presidion Analytics - 3 Pillars Actionable Insights

The three Pillars to Actionable Insights

  From our End to End Framework Thought Leadership Series. By Presidion.     What are the secrets to success with Analytics?   The truth is that there are many factors and forces at work that help build a successful Analytics project and/or programme. The ultimate goal is Actionable Insights – the translation of information into recommendations that …Read More

Gartner Analytics - Value/Difficulty

Analytics, Simplicity and Value – A complicated relationship?

  From our End to End Framework Thought Leadership Series. By Presidion.     I’ve often seen analytics described primarily by way of the technical complexity of the techniques. Something of a ladder that enables organisations to build upon existing analytical techniques to achieve increasing levels of business value. Take Gartner’s representation below for example:These models …Read More

Manufacturing, the Smile Curve and Digital Transformation

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the perfect prescription for revitalizing the political poster child for the Manufacturing industry. I mean, what could be more exciting than to couple IoT (e.g., sensors, beacons, geographical positioning) with artificial intelligence to create manufacturing capabilities with lower costs, higher quality and more agile, than human-bound, manufacturing practices. The …Read More

Best Practices for Analytics Profiles

In our Big Data engagements, we talk about the importance of building detailed “profiles” of our most important entities, such as customers, products, devices, machines, employees, partners, stores, wind turbines, cars, ATMs, etc. As part of our data science process, we build a profile on each individual entity that: 1)    Captures that entity’s tendencies, propensities, patterns, …Read More

Artificial Intelligence: Suffering in the Over-hype Tornado

“AI is more important than fire or electricity to humans” – Google CEO Sundar Pichai Google CEO Sundar Pichai says artificial intelligence (AI) is going to have a bigger impact on the world than the most ubiquitous innovations in history. Pichai stays “AI is one of the most important things humanity is working on. It is …Read More

Why Analytics makes people nervous?

The reasons behind, and some hints to help you during difficult conversations and challenging situations related to Analytics! By Presidion     One of the best things, when working as a Consultant or an Advisor, is that you work with people from different organisations and industries around the world. Usually, they are  coming from different educational …Read More

Big Data, Big Rubbish?

“Answers and Tips to prevent your Big Data Deployments from becoming Big Rubbish” By Presidion     Big Data has been trending in social media for years now. The concept is not a new one and it includes a set of different technologies that provide different applications for different industries. Leveraging from diverse Big Data sets …Read More