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The Analytics Institute

The Analytics Institute is a not-for-profit organisation which exists to promote greater awareness, research and innovation in the field of Advanced Analytics.

We have three core objectives in the Analytics Institute:

  • Firstly we promote innovation by operating an Ideas Lab which aims to advance business start-ups in the information services area.
  • Secondly we foster and promote analytics projects in developing countries and emerging economies. We facilitate a match between a specific Intellectual Property in the Public Service arena and link this with projects in developing countries who may benefit form this expertise.
  • Our third mission is a project we call The Nation's Pulse. Our goal here is to make publicly available data (such as that collected by the Central Statistics Office in Ireland) and other publicly available information and present complex data in a way which is comprehensible to all.

Contact Details

  Telephone: 00 353 1 444 8999
  Email: info@analyticsinstitute.org

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